Building Use Request

Calendar Entry/Building Use form procedure:

  • Check the internal calendar for availability. Go to 'About SSC' drop-down on our homepage, click on the Faculty link and look for the link to the calendar in the left side bar. The username and password are both ssc.
  • You can download a copy of the form using the link below the calendar link.
  • Fill out the building use form with setup details.
  • Please fill out the AV Request section clearly and accurately.
  • Submit to Hingham Campus Manager. (Duxbury Campus Manager for Duxbury events). This can be done via email or by submitting a hard copy.
  • Your event will be entered on the internal calendar. If there is a conflict, you will be notified.
  • You will receive confirmation via email.
  • Please check the calendar after receiving confirmation for accuracy.
  • If you need to change your booking you must notify Campus Managers as soon as possible to adjust the calendar and ensure that the building staff does not set up your space unnecessarily. This will save time and resources.

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