SSC Visiting Artists

Arts and Literacy Partnerships
Fostering an early love of reading through music and the arts

Through its Visiting Artist program, SSC introduces the youngest students (preschool – grade 3) to professional teaching artists and the instruments they play. Partners design a program to fit their unique curriculum needs, choosing from instruments within the woodwind, brass, percussion and string families.

All visiting musicians make literacy connections during their sessions. Links between music, movement, listening, vocabulary building and storytelling create a multi-sensory opportunity for students to connect with the material. Sessions are 30-45 minutes long. Lesson plans correspond to Common Core Standards in the English Language Arts strands of Speaking & Listening and Reading.

Anne Smith
Director of Community Engagement
South Shore Conservatory
(781)452-8722 x210

Visiting Artist Medium Book Title
Ed Sorrentino percussion Max Found Two Sticks
Grant Randall trumpet/trombone Ben's Trumpet
Susie Guthro dance The Small, Small Pond
Sarah Troxler violin Zin! Zin! A Violin
Janet Underhill bassoon The Bremen Musicians
Erik Caldarone guitar/bass/ukulele Giraffes Can't Dance
Jesse Stiglich percussion Dinosaur Boogie
Cassie Sulbarán viola Mole Music

What our partners are saying...

"SSC's Visiting Artist program is an exciting way to broaden our students' exposure to different forms of music and to make connections through the music to literature and poems. I've witnessed first-hand how motivated and motivating the SSC's staff are with our little ones and their families."
Kathleen Smith, Brockton Superintendent of Schools

"The Arts & Literacy Program provided by SSC is wonderful. My "substantially separate" class of significantly delayed children loved having the Visiting Musician. Even though they don't "get" the story, they clearly enjoyed the music – smiling and watching attentively while Eric played several instruments. I think this program is going to benefit all of the children it touches. It has already exceeded my expectations."
Rachael Bucio, Brockton Preschool Teacher