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Suzuki Department

Suzuki Department - Core Philosophy

Suzuki Department Chair - George Little
Suzuki Department Chair - George Little

The Conservatory offers Suzuki method instruction in violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar, piano, and bass for students age three years and up. The Suzuki method, also called the "Mother Tongue" method, is modeled on the way children learn language. The method's philosophy is based on the belief that talent is not inherited but nurtured within a child's environment. The instruction, which includes both parent and child, engages the entire family in the development of the child's natural potential to learn and become a happy and productive person and musician.

Suzuki Department Faculty



Suzuki Lessons

Students may start lessons on violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar, and bass as young as age three.
Our lesson prices are based on two 17-week semesters.

Prices below are for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  Private Lesson Group class
  17 weeks 34 weeks 17 weeks 34 weeks
30 minutes $807.50 $1615 $159 $318
45 minutes $1156 $2312 $228 $456
60 minutes $1530 $3060    

Students will be placed in an appropriate group class by their instructor. Placement is based on age, ability and instrument.

Suzuki Play-ins and Concerts

Duxbury, 3 pm:
September 26 & 27: Play-ins
Duxbury, October 24, 3 pm:
Spooky Suzuki (Multi-Instrument)
Duxbury, October 25, 1 pm: Spooky Suzuki (Violin)

Hingham, 3 pm:
Advanced Suzuki Concert: February 6
Multi Instrument EOY Concert: June 4
Violin EOY Concert: June 11
Duxbury, 3 pm: Guitar EOY Concert: June 12

Frequently Asked Questions About the Suzuki Method

How are Suzuki lessons different than traditional lessons?
  • There is a significant amount of parental involvement in the Suzuki method
  • Suzuki students learn by ear and by rote
  • Suzuki students are required to attend weekly group classes in addition to weekly private lessons





How do I know which type of lessons are right for my child?

The biggest factors that determine whether or not the Suzuki method is the right choice for a student are:

  • Age: Is your child younger than 7 years old? SSC invites students under age 7 to consider Suzuki lessons. The Suzuki method is the only option for students age 3 and 4. Students age 7 and up should consider traditional lessons unless their family is committed strongly to the Suzuki philosophy.
  • Parent Involvement: With the Suzuki Method, parents are expected to attend lessons and help their child practice at home.  Due to their young age it is unrealistic to expect effective learning to take place at home if the student practices independently.  Parents do not need prior music experience themselves and will receive all the information they need in the lesson from the teacher.  If possible, the same parent should attend each lesson. Parents whose schedules prevent them from participating in weekly lessons and daily practice sessions should consider traditional lessons if the student is old enough.
  • Instrument Choice: Suzuki is offered for all strings (including Bass), guitar, flute and piano. Traditional lessons are the only option for all other instruments.



What are the main benefits of Suzuki instruction?
  • The Suzuki Method is a nurturing approach and makes learning an instrument easy by using small, incremental steps to establish proper technique.
  • Suzuki instruction focuses on learning by ear which helps establish a student’s musicianship at an early age making music a more naturally integrated skill.
  • With Suzuki, students can start younger which provides the maximum benefits of early music instruction including improved academic performance and creativity as well as establishing behavioral and discipline patterns that can contribute to well-rounded development.
  • SSC’s Suzuki program incorporates regular classes and multiple performances through the school year which allows opportunities for students to become comfortable on stage in groups and as soloists.


What is the process for enrolling in Suzuki lessons?

Parents wishing to enroll their child in the Suzuki Program must observe both a private and a group Suzuki lesson before registering and must attend a parent orientation meeting with the Suzuki Department Chair before their child begins lessons. To begin the enrollment process, please contact Jessica Wilcox at 781-749-7565, x 37.





Concerto Competition

Students compete. Click for details

Suzuki Department Faculty

  Emily Hale Christine Hedden Susanna Johnson George Little Siu Yan Luk
  Emily Hale, violin Christine Hedden
viola, Irish fiddle, violin
Susanna Johnson, violin George Little
Siu Yan Luk
Chris Rathbun Katherine Roussopoulos Joseph Scott Cynthia Weller viola Lauren Whittaker Asako Yoshida
Chris Rathbun
cello & bass
Katherine Roussopoulos
Joseph Scott
Cynthia Weller viola Lauren Whittaker
Asako Yoshida

Tuition Assistance

Financial aid is available for those who can document financial need.
Financial Aid deadlines and application.