SSC Storyteller Series

SSC Storyteller Series

The Storyteller Series is designed to engage adult learners with a stimulating exploration of music through the characters and events that have shaped its history. Each 60-minute session features a compelling narrative told through performance, lecture and discussion.

The SSC Storyteller Series is $200/session
For more information on SSC Adult Learning programs, please contact Anne Smith, Director of Community Partnerships at or(781)452-8722 x210.

A (Musical) History of Broken Hearts
From Gershwin and Porter to today’s contemporary composers, musical theater composers have been inspired by the generations before them. Soprano Holly Jennings discusses this history of influence and performs songs that illustrate the different ways our stories can be told.

I Hate Music (and other Leonard Bernstein Stories)
Local-born composer/conductor, Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), is one of the most famous musicians in American history. Pianist Sarah Troxler will discuss his influences and illustrate his unusual path to fame through the music we know and love so well – including West Side Story, On the Town, and Anniversaries.

Music of the Iron Rails
Soprano Meredith Borden illustrates our love-affair with travel through the songs that have shaped American culture. See how songs of the railroad endure across generations, from depression-era Blues to 60’s folk, building on themes of homelessness, companionship, loneliness and joy. Do you know the words to Peter Paul and Mary’s 500 Miles? Join in and sing along!

Venetian Vogue
Performing on period instruments, Emily Hale, violin, tells the story of the celebrated eighteenth century violinist Guiseppe Tartini (composer of the “Devil’s Trill” sonata), his student Maddalena Sirmen, and the importance of keeping up with musical fads. Emily performs works by these remarkable musicians and virtuosic rivals like Vivaldi and Veracini.

A Match Made in Heaven
New England poets from Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost, to Thoreau and Dr. Seuss have inspired countless composers throughout American history. Pianist Sarah Troxler leads a discussion about these poets and performs settings of their words. Sit back and listen to settings of Robert Frost. Which one sounds most like a Snowy Evening to you?

Playing the Blues
Think of any modern Blues Legend (B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters) and chances are that Grammy-winning SSC Blues pianist Anthony Geraci has backed them up. This conversation is an upclose and personal introduction to the music and personalities of Blues greats.

Love Stories of Traditional Irish Music
What do the tunes “Eleanóir a Rún” and “Come Upstairs with Me” have in common? They are stories of secret affections. Fiddle player Christine Hedden leads a tour through traditional Irish music, telling tales and playing songs of unrequited love and the timeless search for a soulmate with music that will have everyone dancing a jig from their seat.

Dear Diary
Performing songs ranging from Broadway’s golden age to today’s contemporary composers, soprano Holly Jennings imagines the life of one character told through song: adolescence, independence, falling in love, heartbreak, career struggles, parenthood, finding peace. How does music convey meaning differently than the written word?

Mentors and Musicians
Who have your mentors been, and what legacy will you leave behind? Ed Broms, piano, traces his own musical lineage dating back to pianist Franz Liszt and composer Arnold Schoenberg through personal anecdotes, historical recordings and life performance. This is history not found in any text book!