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Summer Music Festival is awesome!!
I've been able to meet new people and play together.

Rose Cataudella, Marshfield, bass, French horn


My experience at SMF was definitely one to remember! Not only was I provided an opportunity to play fantastic music, but I was also given the privilege to spend time with and get to know other musicians of very high caliber. From working with the Festival Wind Ensemble, to performing in a small chamber groups, SMF provided me with a great way to spend my summer, as well as grow and learn as a musician. Owen Vacheron, Foxboro, percussion


Summer Music Festival is that one place where you can play music you wouldn't be able to play anywhere else. It's great for those two weeks in July to be able to play the most amazing repertoire with the most amazing musicians on the
South Shore.

Dante Nicotera, Hanover, baritone sax


It's amazing, having the opportunity to indulge in new repertoire while meeting some of the most talented kids in
New England.

Ellen Scheiring, Hingham, euphonium


Summer Music Festival at South Shore Conservatory is educational as well as fun. During the two weeks, you not only grow as a musician but also make friends and meet interesting people. Everyone there wants you to succeed, and pushes you to fulfill your full potential. The atmosphere is very different from that of a regular school band in that all of the students and the staff are motivated and have a passion for what they do.

Kelly Vickers, Scituate, tuba



























































































































































Summer Music Festival 2017

July 6-21
Hingham campus

SMF 2016 group photo

Music Director: Eric Laprade 
Program Director: Ed Sorrentino

Assistant Program Director: Andrew Moreschi

South Shore Conservatory's Summer Music Festival (SMF) offers wind, brass and percussion students in elementary school through college the opportunity to perform in high quality wind band, chamber and jazz ensembles. This festival brings together student musicians from across southeastern Massachusetts in an intense, supportive, collaborative and music-focused learning environment. Through daily one-on-one interactions with a dedicated team of talented educators, SMF students are empowered to improve their technical ability, musical sensitivity, listening skills, analytical techniques and overall confidence. Students participate in one of three ensembles, All-Star Band (ASB), Summer Wind Ensemble (SWE) or Festival Wind Ensemble (FWE) based on their placement audition.

Why Choose Summer Music Festival?

Summer Music Festival 2017 Dates

Summer Music Festival and Festival Wind Ensemble: Weekdays, Thursday, July 6 through Friday, July 21
All-Star Band: July 17-21

Afternoon Jazz Ensembles and Afternoon Chamber Music: Weekdays, Thursday, July 6 through Friday, July 21
SWE Chamber Concert: Thursday, July 20, 12 noon
SMF Jazz Ensembles and Chamber: Thursday, July 20, 7 pm
All-Star Band Final Concert:  Friday, July 21, 12 pm
Summer Music Festival Final Performance: Friday, July 21, 7 pm

Registration Procedure

  2. Submit or schedule a placement audition by May 1 (see below)
  3. Register and pay by May 15 to receive an early bird discount
  4. All registrations and payments are due by June 15

2017 Placement Auditions

Online Auditions: New this year, you may submit your audition online! Deadline for online submissions is June 15.
Please submit your online audition via Google Drive. When you record your video please:

  1. State your name, age and school that you will attend in September 2017
  2. Tell us why you want to participate in Summer Music Festival
  3. Tell us what you are going to play
  4. Perform your scales and prepared piece(s)

Don't worry about being "perfect." Just relax and do your best. Everyone is accepted to the program and we are only listening to make sure we place you in the proper group. If you have any questions about how to do this please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Moreschi at 781-749-7565 x54 for help.
Onsite Audition Dates: 3/25 and 4/29. Please email Andrew Moreschi or call 781-749-7565 x54 to schedule a time.

SMF 2017 Deadlines

Audition Guidelines

audition guidelines link Audition Guidelines

All-Star Band (ASB)
for elementary students with
1-2 years of experience
8-11 am
July 17-21
$275 ($250 before May 15)
Festival Wind Esnemble (FWE)
Summer Wind Ensemble (SWE)
8 am to noon
Weekdays, Thursday, July 6 through Friday, July 21
$540 ($500 by May 15)
Afternoon Jazz Ensembles
Afternoon Chamber Music
12:45-2:45 pm
Weekdays, Thursday, July 6 through Friday, July 21
$325 ($300 by May 15)
    $195 if registered for SMF (no early discount)

For more information please email Program Director, Ed Sorrentino or call 781-749-7565 x21

Summer Music Festival videos

On this #MusicMonday, we feature a live recording of the 2015 Festival Jazz Ensemble performing "Better Get Hit In Your Soul" by Charles Mingus.

Posted by South Shore Conservatory Summer Music Festival on Monday, September 7, 2015

SMF 2015: Melodious Thunk

Every Monday, we will share recordings from SMF 2015! Be sure to share the recordings with your friends, parents and teachers! Here is the live recording of the Festival Wind Ensemble performing David Biedenbener's Melodious Thunk

Posted by South Shore Conservatory Summer Music Festival on Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Music Festival 2017 Faculty

Eric M. Laprade Ed Sorrentino Andrew Moreschi Aaron W. Bush Bobby Glynn Peter Bianca
Eric Laprade,
Music Director,
FWE Conductor
Ed Sorrentino,
Program Director
Andrew Moreschi, Assistant Program Director Aaron W. Bush, Jazz Ensemble Conductor Saxophone Coach Bobby Glynn, SWE Conductor, Lab Jazz Conductor Peter Bianca, Clarinet Coach
Lidia Chang Will Edmundson Susan Goodwin Chip Halt Matt Harden Jesse Stiglich
Lidia Chang, Flute Coach Will Edmundson, Percussion Coach Susan Goodwin-May, All-Star Band Conductor Trombone Coach Chip Halt, Tuba and Euphonium Coach Matt Harden, Trumpet Coach Clark Matthews, French horn coach
Jesse Stiglich Janet Underhill        
Jesse Stiglich, percussion coach Janet Underhill, Chamber Music Coordinator, Chamber Coach, Bassoon Coach, Double Reed Coach