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My son's participation in the Music Developmental Program has been great for his piano studies. Each year he and his teacher set a goal of achieving a specific level of certification, and accomplishing that goal is a great way for him to quantify his hard work and progress. I'd recommend the program for any student studying an instrument or voice.
- Greg Howell, SSC Parent









































Royal Conservatory
Music Development Program

Adult TAP Student

South Shore Conservatory is proud to be a founding school of the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (RCMDP). Created by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada, this is a level-based performance certificate program based on an internationally recognized curriculum.  For each level, students prepare a number of scales, pieces, and musicianship skills to perform for an outside examiner in a one-on-one assessment. Passing students receive a certificate from the Royal Conservatory celebrating their achievement, and both the students and their teachers receive a marking sheet with helpful suggestions and comments on the assessment that can be used as a guide in continuing their musical journey.  Additional certificates and medals are awarded to students earning the highest score for their level in the state and the nation. The levels span from the beginning stages of music studies (preparatory levels) through advanced, college-preparatory levels. In addition, there are two diploma levels, the Associate Diploma in performance (ARCT) and the Licentiate Diploma (LRCM, piano only). Both are professionally recognized degrees in music.


Jonathan Roberts
RCMDP Manager, Jonathan Roberts

The RCMDP has existed in Canada for over forty years and has helped train a number of great artists, including Oscar Peterson, Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan, among others. The program was introduced to the United States in 2010, and SSC serves as one of many assessment centers all over the country. Assessments take place every winter and spring at the end of the school semester at SSC in Hingham and Duxbury. Certificates are both celebrations of student accomplishment, and credentials that students can put on resumes and applications. In addition, passing assessments levels 6 and higher may be considered for high school credit (this varies depending upon the secondary school).

For information on how to register, speak to your private instructor or contact SSC’s RCMDP coordinator, Jonathan Roberts, at Also, please visit