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My teacher has been a great inspiration and teacher since I started taking lessons three years ago. He has always challenged and encouraged me while still keeping my lessons fun. He is an amazing teacher, and I really appreciate everything he has done for me."
– Jillian Benway
flute student
Graduating Senior 2016























































































Private Lessons

violin lesson

"When I see my teacher each week it is a really nice block of time where I can put away my outside stresses and do something I love with the help of someone who always encourages me and makes me laugh. More than anything, I will miss being part of a community that has embraced me in such a strong and loving way and helped me to keep music in my life when things were hard and to share it with others in any way I can to lift them up as well."
– Molly Cahill, voice student, Graduating Senior 2016




At a glance:

  • Who? SSC provides excellent quality private lessons to students age 5 through adult. Suzuki lessons can begin as young as 3.

  • What? SSC offers private lessons in a variety of musical styles; classical, rock and pop, jazz and folk. Click here for a full list of instruments offered.

  • When? You can begin your music lessons at any point during the 34 week academic year or during the 8 week flexible summer session.

  • Where? Lessons are offered Monday through Saturday at our Hingham Campus and Monday through Friday at our Duxbury Campus.

  • How? To get started, please fill out the online student profile form. This gives our placement team all the information we need to begin a personalized placement process. Upon receipt, a member of our placement team will reach out to you. Alternatively email or call Jessica Wilcox in Hingham at 781 749 7565 x37 or Nancy Meredith in Duxbury at 781 934 2731 x11. All new incoming students take a trial lesson to assess student/teacher fit before making a further commitment.

Why choose SSC?

  • Dedicated and talented Faculty. Our 70 private lesson faculty exemplify SSC’s core values of excellence, initiative and respect. Collectively they believe that music study helps create wholehearted global citizens by contributing to their social, emotional and character development. By studying an instrument or voice at SSC students:
    • Learn the technical, musical and theoretical fundamentals
    • Experience the joy of making music solo as well as with others
    • Find their unique voice
    • Boost confidence and self-esteem
    • Develop essential life skills such as self-discipline, commitment, critical and emotional thinking, time-management and patience

  • Customer Service: The ongoing support of our placement and registration team during the year

  • Performance opportunities monthly recitals, weekly performance workshops, masterclasses, adult workshops and recitals, open mics, Suzuki play-ins and departmental events and competitions and much more is included in the tuition. Also, SSC students can attend most SSC professional concerts for free.

  • SSC’s education continuum offers a full range of programs to promote a well-rounded musical education from ages 0- adult. Private lesson students receive a discount on chamber groups, large ensembles and group classes.

  • The SSC community is a large family of 3700 students from 32 south shore towns, as well as 120 faculty and staff. Together we are the largest community school for the arts in Massachusetts.

  • Tuition Assistance: SSC is committed to increasing access to our programs by allocating over $120,000 every year for tuition assistance. Click here for more information

Pricing for 2017-2018

  17 weeks 34 weeks Full Year
30 minutes $833 $1666
45 minutes $1207 $2414
60 minutes $1581 $3162

Monday lessons only Fall Semester
16 weeks
Spring Semester
17 weeks
33 weeks
Full Year
30 minutes $784 $833 $1617
45 minutes $1136 $1207 $2343
60 minutes $1488 $1581 $3069

Payment plans are available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Lessons at SSC

What's a good age to begin private lessons?

We recommend a starting age of between five and seven for traditional music lessons. The Suzuki method, available for children as young as age 3 is available in strings, flute, piano and guitar. It is appropriate and rewarding to begin vocal study at any age and we have faculty trained to meet the needs of students in all developmental stages. For more detailed information regarding private voice lessons and group classes please visit the voice department webpage.



How do I find the right teacher?

Creating a successful teacher/student match is very important to us. Our faculty members have many specializations, diverse talents, teaching styles and personalities. The more we know about the way you or your child learns, their goals and interests, the more likely we are going to create a lasting and reward pairing. Your first step is to fill out the student profile form. After careful review, a member of our placement team will then contact you to discuss placement with a Conservatory faculty member.




Do you offer trial lessons?

At SSC we feel that finding the right teacher for you or your child is paramount therefore we highly recommend a trial lesson first. This gives you an opportunity to meet the faculty member and ascertain whether their teaching style and personality are a good match for you or your child.

As a non-profit we cannot afford to give lessons away for free. Trial lessons, offered at the normal lesson price, offer students a chance to meet with a teacher to assess whether this is a good match and visit our community before a commitment is made.

If you would like to schedule a trial lesson please fill out and submit the student profile form and a member of our placement team will contact you or contact us directly at:

Hingham Placement Coordinator, 781 749 7565 ext 10 (Hingham), Nancy Meredith - Duxbury Campus Manager 781 934 2731 ext 11 (Duxbury)

If you have already scheduled a trial lesson with a member of our placement team, and would like to pay online, you can go to the Trial Lessons web page and use the appropriate paypal button for payment and bring the printed receipt to the front desk when you come for the lesson.


How do I register?

After the trial lesson has occurred and/or a teacher, day and time have been established our registration team will contact you to assist you in completing registration paperwork and setting up payment. Our academic year is 34 weeks divided into two 17 weeks semesters, fall and spring. Private lesson enrollment is open throughout the year and tuition is prorated based on the start date of your lessons.  If you sign up during the fall semester you are automatically registered for the spring semester unless we hear from you otherwise. You can pay in full for the year or by semester. Deferred payment plans are available for a small fee. For detailed information regarding registration visit our registration page.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Since faculty members reserve a weekly teaching slot for each student, they are not required to makeup lessons due to student absence. In order to secure faculty of the very highest quality, SSC pays its faculty for all scheduled lessons, regardless of whether the student is absent. Therefore, each adult student/parent is financially responsible for all lessons regardless of cancellation. Advanced notification of an absence is a courtesy to the faculty member, but it does not exempt the student from payment as contracted. If your lesson is cancelled due to teacher absence that lesson will be made-up as a private lesson by the teacher.


What if the student/teacher match isn’t successful or I feel it is time for a change?

Firstly, we encourage you to discuss this with your teacher. Often a conversation can open up new avenues and facilitate a discovery which had been preventing the connection. If there are still concerns, please contact the Hingham Placement Coordinator at 781-749-7565 ext. 10 who will help to find a more suitable placement with the help of the department chair and the outgoing faculty member.


What if our schedule changes midway through a semester?

Finding a new time slot with the same teacher is challenging once a teacher’s schedule is set. We advise that you try to pick a time slot when working with our admissions team during placement that will allow for any changes such as sports starting up. The consistency of private instruction is one the keys to its success. Please contact the Hingham Placement Coordinator who will try to accommodate a switch, but we cannot guarantee a mutually satisfying solution.


What is the difference between Suzuki and Traditional Lessons?

The Suzuki Method is a process of teaching children based on how they develop language. In our Suzuki program students have two lessons a week, one private lesson and one lesson in a group comprised of musicians of similar age and ability. Just as parents play an active role in teaching children their mother-tongue, parents here too, play an active role in their child's development. By attending lessons and working with the teachers, parents are instructed on how to help their children practice at home. In addition to daily practice, students also have a daily listening assignment which help develop their ear and learn the repertoire. Suzuki students and parents participate in a community which includes play-ins, concerts, and parent meetings to celebrate their children's progress.


Is tuition assistance available?

Yes, tuition assistance is available for those who can document financial need. For detailed information regarding registration, payment options, refund policies, financial aid, work study programs, scholarships and our academic calendar, visit our registration page.