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SSC Playground

For the Conservatory Community

Thank You for Helping us Create a New Playground!


New Playground

The new playground includes several areas with play elements for students from ages 2-12, focusing primarily on 3-6 year olds. It features a large green space to encourage free play, is accessible to students of all abilities, and is composed almost exclusively of recycled materials.

In just eight months, we raised over $76,000 for the new playground. This included site preparation, new fencing, proper disposal of the old structure and purchase and installation of the new equipment.

Volunteers spent a weekend in August buidling the new playground under the guidance of a team of professionals, and saved a considerable amount of time and money as a result.

Funding the Playground

The playground was funded primarily through private donors, Conservatory families, Conservatory Park families, and local businesses.

Items are assigned as gifts are made. First come, first served.

All donors will be recognized on the donor wall, which will be installed later this fall.