Music Sprouts

For children ages three to five with caregiver.

Students build a strong foundation of basic music skills through movement, singing, playing instruments and listening. Students develop the ability to sing tunefully with accurate rhythm while also learning to focus, take turns, and interact in a classroom setting. This is a wonderful prep class for drop-off classes at SSC as well as preschool and Suzuki instruction.

Fall 2017

Fall Starting 9/11/17
Winter Starting 11/27/17
Spring Starting 3/5/18
Sessions are 10 Weeks
Tuition (including Songbook and CDs)
1st Child $220, 2nd Sibling Over 9 Months $135, 3rd Sibling $65

*South Shore Community Center, 3 North Main Street Cohasset, MA 02025

Music Sprouts FAQ

Q: What is Sprouts?

A: A next step from Music Together.....Perfect for the preschooler who has taken at least one year of Music Together, this class takes steps towards formal instruction while staying playful and engaging. Our youngest students and their parents learn Suzuki “Twinkle Rhythms” and melodies while covering basics on scales, intonation, tempo, meter, and dynamics, all the while gaining exposure to a wide range of genres and styles. Students are asked to take turns, follow instructions, and may even have a little listening and coloring homework. While this might sound serious, the emphasis is always on fun.

Q: Who Should Think About Sprouts?

A: All children ages 3-6. While the preschool years herald the beginning of drop off classes, this is a great opportunity for parents to continue learning alongside their kids in a playful environment while advancing toward more structure. When parents embrace communal learning and observation during the early years, the learning is richer and more sustainable.

Q: Can my younger child still come along?

A: Probably not a great idea: after some initial exploration with this, we have concluded that in order to make this class experience a true next step from Music Together, it is best and preferable for parents to attend one-on-one with their preschooler. Because activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, it would be necessary to impose developmentally inappropriate expectations on otherwise free range toddlers and babies. Furthermore, Music Together is already a perfect model for the whole family, and families should feel good about staying in Music Together if that is a better fit. There is no right or wrong way.

Q: What is the repertoire? Will there be materials like Music Together materials?

A: The repertoire is rich and varied. The curriculum will draw from Suzuki pedagogy fundamentals while also drawing from the most popular and musically interesting and age appropriate folk repertoire found in the Music Together collections. With an intentional focus on the voice/body as primary instrument, there will also be age a exposure to instruments and instrument families.

Q: What make Music Sprouts different than Discovering Music?

A: Primarily, Discovering Music is a drop off class. This can be more convenient and appropriate for some families, although the value of parent education in the Music Sprouts setting cannot be underestimated during preschool years. Further, parent participation and modeling provide a valuable intergenerational learning experience that is hard to come by these days.