Igor Fonberg

Igor Fonberg, violin

Teaching Artist Statement
I adhere to a classical approach to study music, similar to that which was presented to me at the St. Petersburg Music School for Gifted Children and at the Moscow Conservatory. I strive to teach my students at the level that was present in my education. I find this works best due to the rigor of course, because my students become  devoted to the fundamentals of music. While it is a path that is extremely difficult, it makes my students appreciate the music they are playing at a deeper level of understanding. I believe that any student with the proper foundation can become great with their instrument of choice, and I aim to make violin students great with their selection.

Teaching Bio
Russian born violinist, Igor Fonberg has been performing and teaching throughout the New England Region for almost fifteen years.  Igor is an Artist Teacher at Allegro Music School in Brookline, MA. He is teaching violin for students of all ages as well as preparing them for various music performances. His students are members  at the New England Conservatory orchestra and BYSO orchestra. Igor has been attending and teaching at the numerous master classes in the United States and abroad. Among them  2010 White Nights Summer Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia; 2010 Present Southampton Arts Festival; 2009 Music in the Mountains Conservatory, Colorado; 2008 Instrumento Verano, Oaxaca Mexico; 2007 International Academy of Music, Castelnuovo, Italy; 2005 Shuan Yin International Music Featival in Taipei, Taiwan; 2004 Schlern Music Fetival in Italy, Summer Faculty. He joined South Shore Conservatory in 2012.

Performance Bio
Born in Saint Petersburg (Russia) into a family of musicians, Mr. Igor Fonberg began studying piano at the age of five, taught by his mother. Later his parents decided to switch him to a violin, which he started playing at the age of eight. His most influential teachers in Russia were Aron Knifel and Mikhail Bezverkhny (the winner of the Queen Elizabeth violin competition 1976). Igor studied at Saint Petersburg Music School for Gifted Children under the supervision of Aron Knifel. Later he attended the Moscow Conservatory where he studied under Professor Igor Bezrodny. In 1989 Igor immigrated to the USA where he continued his education under Professor Yuri Mazurkevich in Boston University.

Igor has traveled the world performing with numerous orchestras and chamber groups, attending music festivals in Europe, Russia and North and South America playing with world famous musicians and conductors. He is a member of the chamber orchestra "International Chamber Soloists" founded by his childhood friend and internationally acclaimed violinist Dmitri Berlinsky.
In 2011 Igor played a role in a small episode, appearing as a violist “Ivan” with Grammy award winner violinist Philippe Quint and Michael Bacon (cello) in  “Downtown Express”, film directed by David Grubin and produced by Michael Hausman.

Now a Boston resident, Igor Fonberg is an active member of Cape Cod Symphony orchestra. He joined South Shore Conservatory in 2012.