Boy playing the harp

Harp Department

Harp Department - Core Philosophy

Learning to play the harp can be a rewarding experience at any age. My role as a teacher is to guide my students in acquiring healthy technique and general musicianship so that they may enjoy making beautiful music. Through consistent practice and discipline new skills become regular habits. The greatest joy in teaching is helping students develop as musicians and achieve their potential.

Private Lessons
Students may start harp lessons as early as age 7. Younger students are encouraged to first begin piano lessons before transitioning to harp. Private lessons are offered at 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute lengths. Group instruction (for three or more students) is 60 minutes in length.

Harp Department - Class Offerings

South Shore Conservatory Harp Ensemble

South Shore Conservatory Harp Ensemble is comprised of Conservatory students who are selected in their levels and perform regularly. The Ensemble class meets once a week.

Ensemble work is good to introduce as early as possible, because it is fun and interesting, and improves all aspects of musicianship, such as listening, counting, watching and keeping in the right place. There are skills that need to be in place before a student starts playing in an orchestra. For example, some students won’t realize that they have to allow wind and brass players time to breathe! I want them to get used to this aspect of playing as soon as possible.

SSC Harp Ensemble gives students a chance to play duets, and in trios, quartets and quintets. Exams and Competitions: This is always a controversial subject but I believe they can be useful teaching aid. They mean that a student has to perform, and this is always useful, and their playing will be commented on by someone different to their regular teacher. It is good because it can get a bit too cosy, just playing for their regular teacher, and it introduces an extra challenge. I find they create a useful goal, and push students to reach a higher level. Some students bring more productive result when they play with competitive pressure, but some do not. Therefore, the decisions will be made up depending on students.

Sight Reading is included because it improves the extent of student’s knowledge of keys and rhythms. Students are required to know their own best pedal setting and marking, and not depend on the teacher’s markings.

Concerto Competition
Students compete. Click for details