Erik Caldarone

Erik Caldarone, guitar

Teaching Artist Statement
Music is an avenue for self exploration and directed creativity. As a teacher, it is my goal to implement interactive and interdisciplinary teaching strategies that guide students on the journey to find their voice. I hope to motivate students to use the guitar as a medium for self expression with (a) compositional teaching, (b) recorded lessons, and (c) a high energy approach. Remember: I can! You can! We all can!

Teaching Bio
Erik Caldarone began studying music at Connecticut College where he earned a BA in guitar performance & composition. At Conn, he studied with a notably diverse faculty, resulting in Erik's strong belief in interdisciplinary teaching and learning through composition. While still enrolled, Erik honed his teaching strategies at Thames Valley Music School for two years before graduating and moving on to begin both his private studio and a studio at the Piano Mill. When Erik joined South Shore Conservatory in 2012, Director of Private Instruction Lorna Jane Norris noted, "I was extremely impressed with the paradox of his pedagogical and philosophical maturity and his youthful ambition and energy."

Performance Bio
Erik Caldarone leads an active and varied musical life as a performer. He is the leader and founder of the in demand performing group ECG, which finds home in the cross section of modern jazz and indie-rock. He also performs regularly with the formerly Boston based (now Brooklyn based) indie rock group Take Care, whose album Somewhere Safe was marked by rave reviews by both Indie Rock Cafe and Indie Music Reviewer. Erik is currently in the process of recording ECG's highly anticipated debut album with Bob Pascarella.

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