Elizabeth Pothier

Elizabeth Pothier

Teaching Artist Statement
Drawing and painting have genuinely enhanced my sense of self since childhood and continue to have a positive impact on my wellbeing today. Coming from a place that cannot be expressed through words, experimentation with materials, personal expression and engagement in the art making process help me access inner awareness and self-understanding.

Art Making: A Therapeutic Approach
Creating with others can be therapeutic and healing. The creative process within this relationship may help guide individuals to a place of comfort, empowerment, and self-control. Putting pencil to paper, brush to canvas and hands to clay can help transform a person’s problematic thoughts and emotions to more positive ones or move them in a more positive direction. I look forward to guiding others to their own self-expression—supporting their sense of identity, uniqueness and, ideally, to a feeling of wholeness through the therapeutic process of art making.

Teaching Bio
Elizabeth Pothier received a MA degree in Expressive Therapies: Art Therapy with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University and a BA in Fine Arts from Bridgewater State College and Massachusetts College of Art. Elizabeth completed internship training at a substance abuse treatment center facilitating art therapy groups, and at a non-profit mental health and social services agency where she continues to provide art therapy and mental health counseling to children, youths, adults and families.

Before entering the field of art therapy, Elizabeth worked as a graphic designer and illustrator while also exhibiting her drawings and paintings in solo and group shows on the South Shore and surrounding area. She has exhibited her artwork at FARM: Project Space + Gallery, Carroll and Sons Art: Boston Drawing Project Gallery, Wallace L. Anderson Art Gallery, Cushing Martin Gallery, Thayer Academy Gallery, Ellison Center for the Arts and Art Complex Museum and other exhibits on the South Shore and surrounding area. Elizabeth joined the creative arts therapy faculty at South Shore Conservatory in 2013.


Images of Elizabeth’s artwork may be viewed at epdraws.tumblr.com