Elaine Sorrentino

Teacher Artist Statement
I firmly believe in teaching children where they are, both academically and emotionally, and allowing them the freedom to learn and explore at their own pace. When not forced upon us, but introduced in a fun, playful manner, learning is more meaningful, and concepts stay with us forever. Even as an adult I love learning through play.

Teaching Bio
Elaine Sorrentino, Hingham Preschool, has worked for South Shore Conservatory as Communications Director since 1993. In fall of 2007 she returned to school to become lead teacher certified, and now splits her time between teaching and marketing. She received her lead teacher certification in 2010. During her first 20 years at the Conservatory, she also worked as a part-time librarian at Clift Rodgers Library, a small community library in Marshfield Hills, where she interacted with children in a variety of reading programs. Elaine has a BS in journalism from Suffolk University, and a love for literature and the culinary arts.