Edwina Li

Edwina Li, piano

Teaching Artist Statement
The exploration and discovery involved in music study is what I enjoy teaching and guiding students through.  To achieve thorough understanding – on the page, on the keys, and in the ear – I emphasize a methodical, progressive, skills-based approach at lessons.  Using theory concepts and aural skills, literacy and musicality strengthen as students learn to make connections with what is on the page and what they hear.  With commitment and persistence, the rewards and appreciation of music learning, whether it be playing an instrument or attending a concert, are lifelong.

Teaching Bio
Edwina Li received her diploma from the Juilliard School, where she studied with Jane Carlson.  She traveled twice during her course of studies to the Hindemith Foundation in Switzerland for master classes and public performances. Attending Wellesley College, she studied with Jean Alderman and upon graduation, was awarded the Billings Performance Award.  She continued her studies at Michigan State University, where she was recruited by the husband/wife duo team, Yong Hi Moon and Dai Uk Lee.  At MSU, she received her MM degree in piano pedagogy and MM in piano performance, studying

with Midori Koga (piano pedagogy) and Dai Uk Lee (piano performance).  Conferences have included:

  • AP Music Theory Conference, Boston, MA
  • CMS/ Juilliard Institute for Music History Pedagogy, New York, NY   
  • CMS/Vienna and its Musical Traditions, Vienna, Austria

She joined the piano faculty and later the theory department at SSC in 2000.

Performance Bio
Duet and duo piano literature hold my interest as the skills to sharing this form of music making differs from solo piano. With my sister Margaret, we have been invited to perform as a duo team in and around the Michigan area and have continued our duo performances here in Massachusetts.  We continue to actively pursue this repertoire.