"Getting involved in the Conservatory was no coincidence. After playing at various open mic nights, I started taking lessons at the Conservatory and before I knew it, I was volunteering in Community Voices and now I am a member of SSC Crew, a group of young adults making a difference in their community with the arts. At my high school, I am an active member of my Marshalairs choir, my chamber orchestra and I am taking music theory classes to broaden the depth of my musicianship. I was invited to join the Crew to help brainstorm ideas and positive activities teens can do in the community. I love knowing I am making a difference for not only my community, but the neighboring towns that are also involved. This crew consists of intelligent, hard working students, also known as my friends. For the future, I hope that the Crew continues to grow and reach out to the teens and leaders of our future by supporting and encouraging the beauty of the fine arts."
- Ashley Rossi, Marshfield High School Senior, voice student, Crew member.











































































































Welcome to CREW!

CREW Mission Statement

SSC Crew's mission is to create a community of teens who share a love for the arts by creating opportunities for leadership, self-expression and validation in significant, impactful ways which benefit the Crew member, the Conservatory, and the community as a whole.


South Shore Conservatory has a SSC CREW, a teen advisory board. This teen-centered group is an opportunity for high school student-artists from all over the South Shore to work together on projects, build community and serve as ambassadors for the Conservatory.

 In 2015 Crew members will be nominated for membership by an SSC teacher.  The Crew will begin to meet regularly at the Duxbury Campus, to socialize, learn, and work as a team on a series of projects from conception to completion.  They will help on different SSC events and programs as well including Performathon, Chase Away the Winter Blues, Duxbury Music Festival and Hingham Jazz Festival.  For more information, contact Amy Schomp, SSC Director of Community Engagement at 781-749-7565 ext. 19 or a.schomp@sscmusic.org.

Volunteer Spotlight

Hadley Wehner (second from right), SSC Crew member attended every single 2014 DMF event and concert with grace, enthusiasm and a smile on her face! Hadley is a freshman at Duxbury High School and currently takes ballet and voice at SSC. Thank you for your dedication and friendship Hadley. SSC Crew, our teen volunteer army dedicates time and energy to the Duxbury Music Festival. We couldn't do it without them!

SSC CREW photo archive

SSC Crew shirt front

SSC Crew shirt back

Teen Crew 2012-13