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Balancing Your Scales:
Your Music and School


When memory misses a beat,
music can offer dementia patients
new meaning


Yoga for the Special Child
Certification Program


8th Annual South Shore
Alzheimer Educational Conference
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Science Shows Why
Cutting Music Education Funding
Is a Mistake


Study: Music therapy makes
pulmonary rehab more
effective for COPD


Music Therapy: Healing for
Body and Mind
By Amelia Pang,
Epoch Times | October 2, 2015


An Interview with Music Therapist
Alison Talmage


Drums Aren't Just for Music:
They're Therapy, Too

How Music Therapy Works, May 15, 2013


Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing


Talking to your children about tragic events


Music therapy is used to treat illness. It can also enhance moods and calm agitation. Why not use it for caregiving, too?
By Sally Abrahms


Is art therapy the answer for dementia? Making music, painting, or dancing — and seeing or hearing it — may be the most effective treatment for dementia to date


Alex Nelson and the
Gift of Music Therapy


The Autism News



















































































































































































































































Creative Arts Therapies Department

Music Therapy Art Therapy Therapeutic Yoga
Alzheimer's Research


South Shore Conservatory Music Therapist Eve Montague explains why the arts matter to her.


Music Therapy Department - Core Philosophy

Music Therapy Department Chair - Eve Montague
Director of Creative Arts Therapies - Eve Montague

Music is the great equalizer. It is available to every person, no matter the ability or age. It is a creative tool that can be manipulated to meet the needs of every individual. Music is engaging and motivating and encourages socialization, communication, and self-expression. In music therapy at SSC, it is not a matter of “can it be done?” it is simply a matter of “how will it be done?”

Music therapy is an established health profession that uses music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and communication needs of individuals of all ages. The inherent structure of music provides a safe and inviting environment in which individuals may explore, participate, or simply relax. Music therapy interventions can be designed to improve communication, manage stress and reduce pain, express ideas and feelings, promote physical rehabilitation, enhance memory, and promote wellness. For additional information contact Eve Montague at 781-934-2731, ext 20.

Creative Arts Therapies Faculty

Individual Music Therapy Sessions

A board certified music therapist assesses each individual prior to the start of sessions, to determine best treatment and goals. Sessions are individualized to meet the needs of the student, with typical individual therapy scheduled for 30 minutes.
30 minutes - $50
45 minutes - $72
60 minutes - $94

Group Music Therapy Sessions

It is important to note that groups can be developed throughout the year based on interest and need. Groups may include chorus, handbell choir, adapted band, adolescent group, leisure and relaxation group, access/technology group, and memory group. Bereavement and grief can also be addressed in music therapy. Please contact Music Therapy Department Chair Eve Montague at 781-934-2731, ext 20, or at to discuss interest and ideas.

Class Offerings

The Conservatory’s Creative Arts Therapies Department provides individual therapy sessions, small group therapy sessions and creative ensembles, and modified/adapted lessons in voice, piano, percussion, guitar, and other instruments.  The music therapy department serves children through adults with special needs, including, but not limited to, those on the autism spectrum, those with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, physical challenges, and those with Alzheimer's.  Goals can be established to work within the interdisciplinary framework of IEPs and ISPs. A board certified music therapist, prior to the start of sessions to determine best treatment and goals, assesses each individual. 

Move and Groove
Designed for children on the autism spectrum and those with developmental delays. Social, communication, and motor skills are developed and reinforced through instrument play, singing, and creative movement. Minimum 4 children, maximum 6. Music Therapist Kari O'Briant, MT-BC leads the group.
8-week session
Duxbury campus - Saturday
Ages 4-7, 10:00-10:45
Ages 8-11, 11:00-11:45
October 22, 29
November 5, 12, 19
December 3, 10, 17
Contact Eve Montague, MT-BC at or 781-934-2731, x20

Getting to Calm Through Art-Making: A Therapeutic art-making group
for children ages 7-11
Getting to Calm Through Art-making provides children ages 7-11 a space to slow down in a safe and confidential space away from the busyness of everyday life. Participants meet weekly for an hour. Participants will experience creative exploration in drawing, painting, collage, sculpting or mixed media construction. No artistic talent or skills is required to participate in the art making.

Maximum 6 students
8-week session
$160 (includes materials)
Dates TBD

SSC Community Voices (Duxbury campus)
SSC Community Voices, Too! (Hingham campus)
Eve Montague
a choral opportunity for individuals 16 and over with developmental delays

South Shore Conservatory thanks the Cordelia Family Foundation for underwriting SSC Community Voices and SSC Community Voices Too! with a grant of $20,000 for the 2016/2017 school year. Their investment ensured reduced participation fees, thereby removing financial barriers.

SSC Community Voices and SSC Community Voices, Too!
present a combined concert of
Seasonal Songs
Sunday May 21, 4 pm
Inly School 46 Watch Hill, Scituate

Free and accessible; open to the public.

Chorus gives opportunity to adults with developmental delays

Community Voices

By Mary Whitfill, Patriot Ledger
DUXBURY – For those with developmental delays, finding artistic outlets can be a challenge many are not equipped to face. After noticing the lack of programs available for special needs adults, certified therapist Eve Montague set out to create a place where this group could find their musical niche.

"In Massachusetts, after age 22 you loose all of your entitlement to services," Montague explained. "One of my big initiatives was to provide some kind of arts opportunity to people who had never had the opportunity as adults before. We really felt there was a population here who would jump at the chance and they did." Read more...


PLEASE NOTE: Paying tuitions online with PayPal does not register you for programs and lessons. Click here to submit the Class Registration Request or contact our Registrar to complete the registration process.

Music Therapy and Wellness

Through creative partnerships with social service agencies, SSC is able to support the mental, emotional, and physical health of some of our community's more fragile members. Providing music opportunities tailored to specific need, SSC partnerships offer avenues for self-expression, provide inspiration and hope, focus on wellness and healing, and build important life skills and community. Programs include:

  • Music Appreciation and Enrichment
  • Music Therapy services from Early Intervention through Hospice and Bereavement Support
  • Community and Therapeutic Drum Circles
  • Specialized ensemble participation and performance including SSC Community Voices and Woman Song
  • Performance in community venues and facilities. Partner Organizations include: ARC of Greater Plymouth, ARC of Massachusetts, ARC of the South Shore, Crossroads for Kids, New England Villages, Newfield House, Renaissance Gardens @ Linden Ponds, South Shore Elder Services, South Shore Hospital, South Shore YMCA

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist, use art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior, develop social skills, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Art therapy addresses the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and communication needs of individuals of all ages. The therapeutic setting creates a safe and inviting environment in which individuals may explore, participate, or simply relax. Interventions can be designed to improve and deepen communication, promote mastery and mindfulness, manage stress and reduce pain, express ideas and feelings, promote physical rehabilitation, enhance memory, promote wellness and increase self-awareness. Being "good at art" is not necessary to benefit from art therapy, as art-making takes place from within.
To learn more about art therapy, visit the American Art Therapy Association website at
For additional information contact Eve Montague at 781-934-2731, ext 20.

Therapeutic Yoga

Here at South Shore Conservatory we are proud to offer four unique disciplines of yoga, each one unique and supportive to the personal development and growth of the South Shore community. For special members of our community we offer Yoga for the Special Child®, Therapeutic Yoga is designed for individuals who desire personalized training in yoga for health and wellness, Yoga for Performers focuses on the unique demands of performing artists, and Yoga 4 Classrooms brings yoga directly to the classroom.

Yoga is an established system for development of each aspect of the individual. Yoga at South Shore Conservatory is available to everyone, regardless of age or ability. The word yoga means to yoke or unite; bringing body, mind and breath together through disciplined practice. Yoga has been used for thousands of years to develop concentration, improve body awareness, enhance health, develop emotional stability, create community, and provide a greater sense of overall well being.

For more information or to set up a trial lesson, contact Gita Brown at 781-934-2731 ext.20 or

Therapeutic Yoga-Individual Sessions

Yoga for Performers

Yoga 4 Classrooms®

Yoga for the Special Child®

shake your soul logo Shake Your Soul
Shake Your Soul®
with Emily Browder Melville

Creative Arts Therapies Faculty

Jen Novak
Emily Browder Melville
Gita Brown
Yoga Chair
Meg Durkin
Amanda Goff
Eve Montague
MT-BC, Chair
Jennifer Novak, Yoga for the Special Child Practitioner
Kari O'Briant          
Kari O'Briant

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