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Our Partners


Adult Learning Center
Preschool, Brockton


Angelo Elementary School,


Mary Baker Elementary School,


Barrett Russell School,


Cohasset Elder Affairs


Cole Elementary School,


Duxbury Council on Aging


Elements Montessori School,


Gilmore Early Childhood
Center, Brockton


Hanover Council on Aging


Hingham Council on Aging


Holy Family School, Rockland


Kingston Council on Aging


Lillian Jacobs Elementary

School, Hull


Manthala George Elementary School,


Norwell Council on Aging


Old Colony YMCA

David Jon Louison Center

Chestnut Street Preschool
Child Care
Family Life Center
Power Scholars Program
Stoughton Preschool
Summer Camps in Brockton, Stoughton, Middleborough, Plymouth and East Bridgewater
Summer Leaders Program
Youth Leaders Program


Scituate Council on Aging


South Shore YMCA


Sacred Heart School, Kingston


The Village at Duxbury


Vinyl Elementary School, Norwell


Our Donors


Support for Community Partnerships comes from the generosity of individuals,

corporations and foundations such as:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
Rockland Trust
Eric Oddleifson Legacy Fund
Wallace M. Leonard Foundation
The Brockton Cultural Council
The MCC STARS Residency Grant
Harbor One Bank
Mary Ellen and Peter Lawrence
SSC Rhythm Run
Jake's Seafood Restaurant
Laura and Stephen Avakian
Salah Foundation
New Balance
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Leonard and Arlene Nolan
Toyota of Braintree/Toyota Corp.
The Hull Cultural Council

To learn how you can support SSC's mission-based programs, please contact Anne Smith at 781-934-2731 x 21.




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Artsy education brings literacy boost to Brockton schools


Visiting musicians offer Brockton kids chance to learn while playing















Community Partnerships

Providing access to quality education in the arts

At South Shore Conservatory, we believe that the arts change lives. We also recognize that a large segment of the population does not have the opportunity to experience the benefits of participating in music and the performing arts because of financial, geographic, developmental or physical barriers. Often individuals in these circumstances are the very ones who could most benefit from the teamwork, discipline, creativity and self-expression that come through exposure to the arts. The Conservatory affirms its commitment to students with financial need or from low-income communities; students who attend schools that have cut the arts from their budgets; and special needs students of all ages and abilities for whom the benefits of music therapy can be life-changing. We welcome opportunities to work with schools and other organizations to address specific needs within the community.

To explore how your organization may take advantage of these partnership opportunities, please contact:

Anne Smith
Director of Community Partnerships
South Shore Conservatory
(781)934-2731, ext. 21.

Partnership Programs

Arts & Literacy Residency
Visiting Artists Family Music Events
adult learner
Symphony in the Schools
Master Classes & Workshops
Professional Development
for teachers
Adult Learning
Find community. Learn joyfully. Embrace wellness.
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a program
that fits the needs
of your community!
Creative Arts Therapies
Music, Yoga, Visual Arts
Know Before You Go  

What our Partners are saying

“The teachers and children of the Barrett Russell Kindergarten have been involved in a wonderful partnership with the South Shore Conservatory’s ImagineARTS program.  This innovative program deepens the children’s comprehension of story content, introduces rich vocabulary, and addresses literacy skills such as rhyming, sequencing, and retelling through music and movement.”
Joanne Camillo, Principal, Barrett Russell School, Brockton

“The children actively participate in the introduction of literacy concepts through music and movement.   The ImagineArts specialists, receive warm welcomes from the children and teachers who are excited to see them each week.  The team has included our curriculum into their teaching to form a strong connection and reinforcement of the concepts being taught in the classrooms.”
Tina Eastman, Preschool Teacher, Gilmore School, Brockton

“The Conservatory’s partnership enables us to extend these opportunities. We are thankful that the Conservatory reached out to this urban school district. As a school filled with three, four and five year olds, we have a focus on the meeting of basic life skills. Our early childhood center considers music a basic life skill and we thank the Conservatory for so generously helping us work on this skill together. The Conservatory is a welcome addition to our early childhood center and has my full support.”
Helen Virga, Principal, Gilmore Early Childhood Center, Brockton

“Thank you for continuing to provide the kids with the amazing enrichment opportunity that you are!  Please know that while you may not always be able to see it during your time there…they are absolutely getting something out of it.  Working together not just for the music and dance – but learning how to reach out for help, work together as a team, and support their group – what a way to learn these life skills!  As you can see – we have some really tough kids who have at times been through, or are going through some incredibly tough stuff.  Being able to offer them experiences and give them opportunities to practice important life skills in safe, fun ways is so important. Thank you for your hard work supporting these youth and our program as a whole.”
Allison Dailey, Director of Mentoring, Old Colony YMCA, Brockton

"The partnership between South Shore Conservatory and the Randolph Public Schools has had a tremendous impact on the students of Randolph," Laprade said. "We have raised the level of musicianship and appreciation for the arts in the schools. Most importantly, our students are excited about making music. It is my hope that this partnership will become a model for other school districts as we all share the common goal of providing students with the highest quality education possible."
Eric Laprade, Chair, Music Department , Randolph Public Schools