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Drum & Sing

Drum & Sing is a 45 minute class that allows children age 4-6 to explore the world of music by making music. Students move, sing, play percussion instruments, and listen to a wide range of music with a focus on American folk music. Watch your child's ability to sing in tune, perform steady beat and understand basic rhythm patterns grow as he/she enjoys a variety of songs, games, dances and activities designed to be fun and instructional. New students are immersed in a fun class that fosters the development of their basic skills. All students are allowed to develop at their own pace and are encouraged to reach toward their potential. Literacy skills are introduced in a sequential approach that helps students connect what they are hearing to notation. This class is a great choice for students who love music, are considering lessons or as a companion to private instruction.

Semester Start Dates
September 12, 2016
January 30, 2017

$285/15 weeks

Hingham: Wednesday 3:30 pm Duxbury: Thursday 4 pm

Summer 2017 Session

$115/6 weeks, starting June 21
Hingham: Wednesday, 3:30 pm

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