Board of Trustees

Derek R. Spence, Chairman
Kathy Battistoni Skillman, Vice Chairman
Gerald S. Jones, Clerk
William P. Gagnon, Treasurer
Kathy O. Czerny, President

David W. Bryan *
Mara D. Calame *
Jane C. Carr
Barbara S. Clifford
Frederic M. Clifford, Jr.
Motoko T. Deane
Mollie B. Foley
Ronald P. Goldberg

William C. Haney
Timothy W. Horan
F. Sherman Hoyt
Erin D. Hull *
Daniel K. Kingsbury
Carolyn K. Loughlin
Donald P. Massa
Richard H. Morse

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell
Nancy L. Oddleifson *
Michael J. Puzo *
Joseph G. Salah
Vincent J. Spiziri
Mary P. Steinke
Michael J. Webber

* Executive Committee

Trustees Emeriti

Deborah L. Allinson
John L. Davenport
Phyllis P. Godwin

Gary K. Gulden
Peter J. Lawrence
William S. Reardon

Vcevold J. Strekalovsky
Frank V. Wisneski

Board of Overseers

Class A,
Term: 2019 Annual Meeting

Laura and Steve Avakian
Lee and Jack L. Barlow
Karen Bellinger
Rennan and Muzaffer Bayturk
Nancy and David Bryan
Lois and Bruce Cameron
Kerrie and James Coughlin
Jane Carr and Andy Hertig
Barbara and Frederic Clifford
Frederic Clifford Jr.
Su D’Ambrosio
Dolly and Mark DeNyse
Sally and John Davenport
Deborah and Philip Edmundson
Wendy and David Ellison
Judith and William Gagnon
James and Rebecca Garrett
Sarah and Chuck Gilbert
Phyllis P. Godwin
Avis Goldstein
Erin Hull
Kathleen Jodka
Vickie and Dennis Jodoin
Linda and Gerald S. Jones
Jean and David Jones
Diane Keller
Ellen Kelly
Candy and Bob Kniffen
Shannon and James Lee
Carol K. Loring
Beth and Jeff Largent
Lauren McElaney
Sheila and Richard Morse
Elizabeth Moulds and Gregory Corbett
Richard C. Muraida
Lorna Jane Norris
Janna Oddleifson
Nancy and Christopher Oddleifson
Dorothy Palmer
Christine and Michael Puzo
Katharine and William Reardon
Amy and Brian Sack
Joseph Salah
Carol Forbes Scheig
Amy and Drew Schomp
Kathy and Warren Skillman
Anne Smith
Larence H. Smith
Jane and Vcevy Strekalovsky
Kathy and John Tarsa
Susan Thanas
Lara and Hamlen Thompson
Lanci and Page Valentine
Marcia and Bill Vose
Janet and Joe Walsmith
Lyn and Harry Wey Donald Zook

Class B,
Term: 2017 Annual Meeting

Deborah Allinson
Jeannine Brayman
Mara and Richard Calame
Laura and Allen Carleton
Julie and Simon Collinge
Mollie B. Foley
Lena and Ronald Goldberg**
Janet and William Haney
Pam Hansen and James Oppedisano
Miriam and Joseph Jannetty
Irma and Talbert Lauter
Mary Ellen and Peter J. Lawrence
Donna Luther
John O’Brien and Jill LeBlanc
Eileen Martin and Edward Russavage
Reggie and Stephen McCormack**
Katharine Newth**
Thomas L. P. O’Donnell
Eve Penoyer
Lauren and Jay Pimpare**
Jan Bickford and Joseph Roper
Elaine and Edward Sorrentino
Wendy and Vince Spiziri
Dawn and David Stancavish
Charlene and Philip Sullivan
Amy and Matthew Torrey

Class C,
Term: 2018 Annual Meeting

Stacy and Arthur Anastos
Naomi Foster and Bill Arvanites
Nicole and Jeff Bellows
Marie and Christopher Bohane
Lisa and Tim Bradl
Elizabeth and Thomas Bullock
Margery and Gordon Carr
Adele and Bryan Carter
Kathy and Karl Czerny
Motoko and Gordon Deane
Pam Desmarais and Dennis O’Connor
Ronald Wolfe and Lynne Devnew
Sarah and Kevin Ellis
Janice and Mazen Eneyni
Lyell and Kurt Franke
Frances and Jon Gabriel
Stephanie and Patrick Gagnon
Katherine and Patrick Gaughen
Jennifer Cope Goodman and Mark Goodman
Penny and Michael Herlihy
Tim Horan
Diane and F. Sherman Hoyt
Sherry Johnson
Caitriona and Daniel Kingsbury
Carolyn and Mark Loughlin
Veronica McCormack and Donald Massa
Jane Milley
Liza and Thomas M. O’Reilly
Barbara Ross
Jane Robertson
Ryer Rachel and Ajay Sadhwani
Pamela Campbell Smith and Peter Smith
Ingrid and Derek Spence
Mary and Jerry Steinke
Carol and Malcolm Stone
Sarah and Noah Stuart
Suzanne Thorin
Cheryl and Charles Tufankjian
Melissa and Neal Tully
Paula and Peter Tyack
Karen and David von Loesecke
Karen Whitfield and Michael Webber

* To be nominated at the 2017 Annual Meeting
** New Overseers

Updated 12/5/17