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Robert & Dorothy Palmer Gallery

South Shore Music Circus/Robert and Dorothy Palmer Galleries February – April 2017
South Shore Photographers at South Shore Conservatory

Curator Statement

Being invited to select pieces for South Shore Art Center’s exhibition South Shore Photographers at South Shore Conservatory has been a privilege. Curating an exhibition always is a unique honor as well as a responsibility and obligation.

While some of the work by fellow SSAC Gallery Artists and members of Duxbury Camera Club were familiar to me, many of the submissions were created by artists whose images I’d never seen before.

In selecting the photographs for this exhibit, I sought a variety of approaches that related well to one another. Overwhelmingly, they fell into four categories: Water, People, Bright Colors and Minimalist/Abstract.

Many thanks to all participants for allowing me the opportunity to review your creations. For those whose images were not included, please keep in mind this was not a competition — it’s an exhibition. And to those whose work has been included, I offer sincere congratulations!

Curator Judith Montminy

Photographers featured include:  

Allison Crowe
Annemarie Whilton
Bernard F. Smith
Carol Smith
Carolyn Kami Loughlin
Cindy Esposito
Darlene Ann Bradlee
Diana Barker Price
Dianne E. Mill
Dorothy Amore
Pilla Ed Esposito
Elizabeth "Sunny" Steadman
Elizabeth M. Ryan
Glen Pollock
Heather Collins
Irene Coleman
Jack Foley
Jeannie Fawcett
Jeevanand Gopikrishna
Joan Collins
Joe Reardon
Judy Bergman Hochberg

Kathy Dixon
Ken Drescher
Keri McAndrews
Lynn Monaco
Lynn Shackleton Ford
Mark Landman
Maureen Fahey
Michael Hart
Neal Skorka
Olivia Reavey
Peggy Roth
Major Rosemary Sampson
Sara Holbrook
Schuyler Thaxter
Sue Scavo Gallagher
Susan Denniston
Susan Hagstrom
Susan White
Terry Coleman
Terry Nickerson